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White Collar season 6 [x]

Tim DeKay on Neal and Peter’s relationship on White Collar [x]

I’m not really biased towards any medium, you know. What’s important to me…obviously, you have to do some job to help you pay the bills. What’s important to me is that they continue to work on projects that kind of challenge artists and hopefully affect people in a positive way.

Neal Caffrey + Alcohol counterfeiting taste test


White Collar  |  5 characters [3/5]
     → Action!Neal

White Collar - season 3


White Collar  |  5 characters [2/5]
     → Neal’s butt

White Collar + text posts: Neal/Peter Edition

White Collar + text posts: Neal Caffrey Edition

White Collar 2009 - 2014

Matt Bomer + Willie Garson